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Are you the manager / owner of a company, looking forward to entering new markets? Are you interested in setting up winning partnerships in the framework of EU programmes? Then you are more than welcome to contact us and learn more about how We Global can support you in scouting new markets and entering the most profitable ones, or in designing and managing winning projects co-funded by the EU.   

Forget investing huge amounts of money in setting up representative branches or operations offices overseas. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Right, isn't it? Well, good news: you don't have to waste your time and money in learning the Roman way. We are the Romans; hire our services and let us support your growing business in foreign markets. 

Easy as 1,2,3: send an e-mail to my personal address - Tell me more about your company and your goals. I'll provide you with a complimentary and confidential note with my comments, coming with a neat and detailed business offer - what we can do for you, including timing and costs.

Just put us to the test. And allow me to pave the way for success in your internationalization path.

G. Massimo Lupis

CEO, We Global Srls